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DJ Twinbeatz
DJ Twinbeatz are heavily recruited & demanded throughout the world, performing at numerous sold out shows & wedding events in different cities around the globe each month. With their tough work ethic and originality Twinbeatz successfully became known as the #1 DJ's across the world for the genre of Bhangra music. While performing live, the duo brings forth extreme professionalism, high energy, & a natural chemistry with the crowd. DJ Twinbeatz have proven to showcase an exclusive & innovative style that cannot be matched. With Twinbeatz in the building the energy and atmosphere is a thing of its own.

DJ Twinbeatz also offer the finest wedding services to help achieve the dream wedding. Working closely with each client along with professional & high quality service, the number one goal is to make it a memorable night for the couple & as well as the guests.

Knowledgeable in multiple genres (Bhangra, Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Top 40, EDM, & more), DJ Twinbeatz bring together a vast skill-set, extensive music knowledge, & creativity to far exceed all expectations.


Get to know your Artists

Harinder & Varinder Singh also known as DJ Twinbeatz, are versatile world-renowned DJs, music producers, singers, & song-writers born and raised in Chicago, Illinois; now currently residing in Sacramento, California. The twins grew up around a father who had an extensive music library along with being a part-time Bhangra DJ since ’95. With knowledge, work ethic, and creativity Twinbeatz have managed to put forth a unique style for their brand/music to successfully captivate the largest worldwide fan following as Bhangra DJ's. 

Aside from the game changing remixes/mix-tapes, Twinbeatz have also been putting forth original music as singers, song-writers, and music producers that is also successfully attracting audiences worldwide.


In their personal lives, Harinder & Varinder each graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Management. Being full-time students as well as full-time DJs became a time consuming task, however with the love & passion they have for music along with the continuous support from their fans, Twinbeatz will always remain driven to succeed in all aspects!

With DJ Twinbeatz in action, guests are assured satisfaction, fulfillment & a night they won’t forget!

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